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Quests, Games: Slot Machine - Items / Credits

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Slot Machine - Items / Credits

Songbird's Repo
NPC, Scripts, Maps, Sprites, Mobs & More


Players love Slot Machines! Specially if it is easy to use with a pretty cutin-based interface!

This is a configurable Slot Machine where you're able to change the Item ID allowing you to use a custom or existing item, like Apples or a Casino exclusive coin bought with Zeny, this NPC allows you to configure the Odds, Payoff, and Winnings so you will always win! It is user-friendly and has a realistic cutin-based animation (575 .bmp files where used to create this).

WARNING: Bad use of this NPC can break your server's economy, if you don't know about Slot Machine formulas and odds, just configure the item ID ".CoinID" and "$SlotCoinPrice" variables.

7527.gif.a2fbba8ec89746e06b204e8d94552aff.gif NPC INFORMATION:

Slot Machine - This script is going to create 8 NPCs in the Comodo Casino, it is recommended to replace the cmd_in02 map with the provided one if you plan to use this location.

  • This Slot Machine has 5 images, here is the order from best to worse: Chest Coin, Bell, Yggdrasil, and Apple.
  • Configuration is script-based.
  • Prize is X times the bet (Depending on the multiplier) if the GiveItems feature is disabled.

Features for GMs:

  • You can configure the Odds, Winnings, and Payoff (An excel document is provided to help you configure this).
  • GM Menu where you can see/erase statistics (Password protected), batch play-test to calculate winning chance or play normally (this doesn't affect common player statistics).
  • General Player statistics (Gives you information about how many games have been lost, how much Zeny has been spent and the quantity of items earned by the users. (You can set Credit - Zeny price relation to calculate this: Default = 0).
  • 2 Prize options:
    • Credit Mode: Give credits like normal Slot Machines, you get X times the bet for combinations.
    • GiveItem Mode: Instead of earning credits, users will earn Items. This option disables the option to bet more than 1 coin per game.
  • Play Test Mode: You can batch-play X number of games to see quick statistics.

Features for Players:

  • Clean interface and easy to use (cutin-based animation).
  • Users can configure the spin speed so they can play faster.
  • Users can bet X1, X2, or x3 times in a single play. If they play x3 the Jackpot (3 Chests) pays extra (This is configurable too).
  • NPC Information (provided to the players) is updated automatically based in your configuration like winnings and prizes.
  • Sound feedback and effects!

6238.gif.c972e7df46af21d91fad929a0869880d.gif WINNING COMBINATIONS (AND DEFAULT PRIZES):

  • 12399.gif.37be0eec1673c7a574d7da08a803965a.gif 12399.gif.37be0eec1673c7a574d7da08a803965a.gif 12399.gif.37be0eec1673c7a574d7da08a803965a.gif    x60
  • 7959.gif.38e51f5b292500b6216b3c3f002d7c7d.gif 7959.gif.38e51f5b292500b6216b3c3f002d7c7d.gif 7959.gif.38e51f5b292500b6216b3c3f002d7c7d.gif    x30
  • 10016.gif.3f2f7cbcae27abc17c1da8513ba50ce1.gif 10016.gif.3f2f7cbcae27abc17c1da8513ba50ce1.gif 10016.gif.3f2f7cbcae27abc17c1da8513ba50ce1.gif    x10
  • 12292.gif.f08db1b4c235c490d1a565f66fbde1e7.gif 12292.gif.f08db1b4c235c490d1a565f66fbde1e7.gif 12292.gif.f08db1b4c235c490d1a565f66fbde1e7.gif    x5
  • 512.gif.96eaa47f266736c4d524ed58a96af2de.gif 512.gif.96eaa47f266736c4d524ed58a96af2de.gif 512.gif.96eaa47f266736c4d524ed58a96af2de.gif    x3
  •   A     A   512.gif.96eaa47f266736c4d524ed58a96af2de.gif     x2
  •   A     B   512.gif.96eaa47f266736c4d524ed58a96af2de.gif     x1

Where A and B can be any object.

5137.gif.f090c01f14b912da0780e62a1730c110.gif WHAT CAN I DO WITH THIS NPC?

You can use it in a lot of ways! Here are some examples:

  • To get event coins/tickets to be exchanged for other prices.
  • Zeny sink.
  • Poring Coins.
  • Cash Shop Pints (Custom item needed).
  • Costume Hat Ticket exchange.
  • Give coins so players can change them for items in this NPC, let luck decide.
  • And more!

6037.gif.a809519e10f0c3b4285e0b64b372c050.gif FILE CONTENTS: (167 MB - 3 .rar files)

  • 1 Excel document to help you decide your winnings and payoff.
  • 1 Script
  • 1 Map (Replace cmd_in02 with this one if you plan to use this NPC here)
  • 6 .wav files (Sound effects)
  • 576 .bmp files (Cutins)
  • 1 sprite (A silver-colored version of the original Slot Machine NPC to match cutin)

7942.gif.eaf062ee3f0ee6ac656a4db9a2f72995.gif  BUYING TERMS:

  • You are not allowed to redistribute this script in any way, shape, or form.
  • Chargeback scams are not tolerated and will get you punished on rAthena.
  • I still retain all rights to this script.
  • You can modify this script as you like, but to receive support you must tell me what you changed.
  • No Renewal, free updates.

Contact Me on DiscordSongbird#3918

IMPORTANT: If you bought this script before, please contact me trough Discord.


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