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roBrowser Electron Version

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Hi everyone,

As I stated on this topic I have improved the Electron solution for roBrowser.


  • Windowed desktop application with multiple platform support
  • Custom client with full source control (roBrowser)
  • Support to parse local data files using bundled "remote client" (replaces roBrowser's PHP one) *
  • Bundled client X server proxy
  • No need for a web host to run the client

* The GRF files parse still needs to be implemented. Currently only reading unpacked files.

It may look weird to use a browser client locally, so to put it simple:

- Why would I use this instead of the regular client?

A: To have full control over the client source code

- Why would I use this instead of the default roBrowser client?

A: To avoid the need of a web host. To fix the slow loading time of the files remotely. To provide your players a standalone application.

Set-up Guide

1. Clone the repository below:

$ git clone https://github.com/wjrosa/roBrowser-electron

2. Create your .env file using .env.example as base. Do not change the remote client and proxy configurations if you want to use everything locally.

3. Install the dependencies:

$ yarn install

4. Copy robrowser's source code to the folder: src/robrowser/

5. Copy the proxy source code to the folder: src/wsproxy/

6. Start the client:

$ yarn start


To build the client for distribution you need to run:

$ yarn make


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