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Continuation During COVID-19 Outbreak

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Evening all, I hope you're all well!

I've decided to post this instead of send out a mass email, because I know most of you have opted not to receive them.

Service Continuation

For the most part, rAthena is, and will continue to operate as normal during these trying times. We understand that the need for isolation will undoubtedly cause more traffic to our forums, which we have been prepared for since February and additional measure have been put in place in case traffic sees a random surge.

Our aim is to ensure that all the information is available to you when you need it.


Risk of Fraud

We are also aware that during a crisis, individuals will come out of the woodwork with a view to causing harm in the form of defrauding and scamming our users. Please be diligent before handing over any money to someone you don't know. You can check a list of our approved 3rd Party Services here that have been personally vetted before approval.



All of rAthena's staff are volunteers, giving up their free time working towards the betterment of the project. We're also all safe and well and hope you and your families are, too.

At a time when parts of the world are stuck indoors, we're using this time to continue overhauling systems.

  • The developers are working hard on their respective projects, be they database conversions to YAML or the refactoring of older mechanics, you can be sure they're busy!
  • The moderators have been tasked with ensuring as many of the support topics as possible have the "Best Answer" post selected in an effort to aid users.



Please use the search feature before posting new topics. I can assure you that 99% of questions have already been answered, usually twice within the last 3 months.

The function of what a community is and what it's capable of is being tested and pushed to it's limits all around the world. Look after each other and be helpful. 


Home Life

Please be sensible and use your common sense.

Wash and/or sanitise your hands regularly. Especially your keyboard and mouse!

Be kind to each other.

Stay safe.

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