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Getting Killer ID


Hello everyone, I'm having an issue with getting the killer id in this situation.

my monster.conf:
// Defines on who the mob npc_event gets executed when a mob is killed.
// Type 1: On the player that killed the mob (if killed by a non-player, resorts to type 0)
// Type 0: On the player that did the most damage to the mob.
// NOTE: This affects who gains the Castle when the Emperium is broken. 
mob_npc_event_type: 1

Now when someone kills a mob spawned by a script and has a label, the label will only trigger on the one that will do the last hit. 
I need it to be the most dagame. This would be an easy fix if i just change in my monster.conf, mob_npc_event_type: 0.
However, If i do this, it will affect the War of Emperium. I do not want to do that. 

When I need the killer ID? I need it only for when people kill certain MVPs spawned by different script, it will do some specialeffect on the killer by damage. 
However the specialeffect triggers on the last hitter AND the one that receives the MVP rewards.

I was thinking if somehow i can get the ID throughtout something else? Maybe like when 
will check if the killer received some kind of MOB_MVPEXP, so this way the specialeffects only trigger on the killer by damage.

I've read throught the script_commands document and dont see anyway to do it other than maybe modifying the src.

Thanks in advance.


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Posted (edited)

Edit: Not solved.. If anyone has any option please let me know.. I will try. Thanks..

Solved it. Thanks anyways.

Edited by BigBurrito

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