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bonus healing item rate possible bug

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On the servers I played on for the last couple years, I noticed that the effect of Hell poodle cards and such, that is all the items that give bonus to heal rate, were quite nerfed. The 100% bonus heal was neither multiplied to the bonus given by vitality and Increase Hp Recovery.

I made some research in old commits, and I found something on pc.cpp, on the function pc_itemheal().
On 29 Jun 2017, a commit was made with one objective of "Clean[ing] up overall pc_itemheal function calculations.", which made that change on line 8290

-		bonus += bonus*pc_get_itemgroup_bonus(sd, itemid)/100;
+		bonus += pc_get_itemgroup_bonus(sd, itemid);

This is what explained the change in the behavior of the bonus items, and is more than just cleaning code.

Here is the commit :

Then, the code was refactored, propagating the new behavior 

-		for(i = 0; i < ARRAYLENGTH(sd->itemhealrate) && sd->itemhealrate[i].nameid; i++) {
-			if (sd->itemhealrate[i].nameid == itemid) {
-				bonus += sd->itemhealrate[i].rate;
+		for(const auto &it : sd->itemhealrate) {
+			if (it.id == itemid) {
+				bonus += it.val;


Shouldn't the correct behavior be

bonus+= bonus*it.val/100


EDIT : To give an example, with 100 vit and increase hp recovery 10, one meat gives 280~400.
Now with x2 hell poodles, with the old formula you used to heal for 840,00 ~1 200,00, now it's 420~600, which is disappointing considering the investment and the weight of a meat (15)


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