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Mount Sprite vanishes on MVP Kills


Posted (edited)

Right so i've been racking my brain lately after pulling an dmerging the latest rAthena update from github, our playes are experiencing an issue where say a Rune knight who is mounted on a dragon kills an MVP and then the Sprite for the Dragon vanishes, now they can still use the skills as if they were mounted so its not a matter of being dismounted, but rather a display bug that happens, our team has been trying t solve this but we were rather unsuccesfull sadly so we're turning to you guys for help!

(if this is the wrong section please move it, its just since this happend after a source update i put it here)

Edit : This also happens when you die and use a Token of siegfrid

TL:DR - Mount / Mado etc sprites vanishes on an mvp kill but server still thinks you're mounted so skills are usable, how do we fix this?


/ James Windsor

LotusRO Server.

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