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[Showcase] Lifeskill System

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Lifeskill System

Hi again!

Been a while since I posted here. Anyways, without further ado... I'm showcasing my Lifeskill System's Basic Functionality.

I am just showing the basic ones because I am too lazy to show everything. If I did, it'll take maybe 10-15mins video, so I just trimmed it down and showed the basic functionality.

This system is inspired by Black Desert Online's Life skill system.. Since I played BDO for quite long, I was very inspired to make a version of this to Ragnarok as close as I could get with my own personal twist and take.



Gathering Lifeskill

  • Mining
  • Hunting
  • Lumbering
  • Fishing (not shown but you can only fish on map cell with water - No NPC interaction )

These lifeskills are used to 'gather' materials from mobs. When you use/equip an inappropriate tool, you cannot attack the mob (sample is when you are using a pickaxe, you cannot attack a Hunting Mob/Lumbering Tree and so on). 


Processing Lifeskill

  • Cooking
  • Scribing
  • Crafting

These lifeskills are used to 'craft' items you've gathered in gathering.


Lifeskill Tool

Lifeskill tools are used in different lifeskill. You cannot use the tool on wrong mobs or craft the item. Same goes for its functionality as per my personal preference. Everytime you use the tool, it loses its durability. When it reaches to zero, you cannot use the tool, so you should repair it thru Tool Shop NPC (Not shown on the video). You can also enchant and refine these tool but only by using the Tool Shop NPC and nothing else. It couldn't be refined by any other npc.


Energy System

Energy system is used to limit the usage of this system. Players cannot perform any action if they don't have enough energy. Performing any action related to lifeskill system will consume energy. Energy will be replenished when player stays in game per min.


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