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Ragnarok Online World in D&D Maps

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Hi, so i'm looking for information on the structure of files in Ragnarok Online.

My plan is to extract/generate all maps from a top view in .png format in higher definition than the small corner maps. Then the griding can be added in roll20.

The problem : I don't know how to extract maps like this https://tcrf.net/Ragnarok_Online/Early_town/minimaps can anyone help?

Any help is appreciated.

PS : If these maps already exist somewhere please tell me lol 🙂

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You cant pull screenshots like that from anywhere but

Ragnarok-online-removed-prt-vilg00.png Ragnarok-online-removed-moc-vilg01.png

these are openly available

maybe you can do something with these though 


gnd files viewable in @Tokei grf editor not sure where else


but as for minimaps you find them here : 



and obviously the best choice is to just go download browedit 2 and click view > topview for 2d ish view from sky

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Hi Liens Off ?

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