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Miracle (SG) ends when die. And height of union skill.


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I modified the SG Miracle to last after death.

like this> src\map pc.cpp
status_change_end (& sd-> bl, SC_MIRACLE, INVALID_TIMER);

// status_change_end (& sd-> bl, SC_MIRACLE, INVALID_TIMER);

but it's still canceling the effect on dying ...
I can change map and relog. But if I die, it's over.


How not to cancel the effect after death?



and how to increase flight height with Union skill
the distance between the ground and the SG?

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Go to status.c (11914) and change the order:

			switch (i) { // Type 0: PC killed -> Place here statuses that do not dispel on death.
			case SC_ELEMENTALCHANGE: // Only when its Holy or Dark that it doesn't dispell on death
				if( sc->data[i]->val2 != ELE_HOLY && sc->data[i]->val2 != ELE_DARK )

to line 12034:

		if( type == 3 ) {
			switch (i) { // !TODO: This list may be incomplete
			case SC_WEIGHT50:
			case SC_WEIGHT90:
			case SC_NOCHAT:
			case SC_PUSH_CART:
			case SC_ALL_RIDING:
			case SC_MIRACLE:

I believe it works

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