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June + July Digest 2019

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June Digest 2019
The following digest covers the month of June 2019.


Staff Changes:

  • None.

Development Highlights:

  • CORE:
    • Fixed dissapearing items when cart is full (8ed3d058)
    • Corrected a potential crash from equip switch (8cfee2c8)
    • Corrected Enchant Arms for older clients (754274bc)
    • Corrected Weapon Forging inventory search (052a4fd1)
    • Corrected the value returned by getmapflag script command for MF_RESTRICTED (f8ea43eb)
    • Corrected PK Mapflag assignment (a548f20c)
    • Sense - show 0 for negatives (19835b63)
    • Implemented instance_live_info script command to retrieve some data of running instances (c1975d7e)
    • Removed the duplicate item ID from item_db.txt (5c1ef394)
    • Updated item_db.txt (aae31a19)
    • Corrected the map name for announcing the entrance in the Morse cave instance (3cb23fd5)
    • Fixed an issue with a cooldown after killing Wounded Morroc (34971e57)
    • Implemented the Paramarket shops (a16f0ebb)
    • Added the skeleton for the yaml converter (c2899d75)
    • Added missing gitignores for csv2yaml (a4bbb932)
    • Add SnakeDrak as author (46d04269)
    • Fixed csv2yaml for guild skill tree (232b3885)
    • Clean-up doc script commands (7cc8c964)


List of Contributors:

@aleos89, @attackjom, @Atemo, @Daegaladh, @flamefury, @functor-x, @jenkijo, @Lemongrass3110, @LiamKarlMitchell, @Normynator, @Tokeiburu




July Digest 2019
The following digest covers the month of July 2019


Staff Changes:

  • None

Development Highlights:

  • CORE:
    • Implemented convertpcinfo script command (5fae7c26)
    • Fixed a clone issue (912d97e4)
    • Corrected autospell stacking (32525bad)
    • Pet Fix Client after 20180704 (87b85819)
    • Prevent moving/dropping the pet egg if it's hatched (454163c4)
    • Fixed invalid item errors in achievements (8bb6b119)
    • Fixed STR affecting mob damage in pre-renewal (2ca417b6)
    • Cleaned up Joint Beat behavior (cb2c553f, 6d199ca7, 5702dc3c)
    • Fixed Achievement Level progression (ac46920e)
    • Fixed CZ_STANDING_RESURRECTION check (17f32a17)
    • Fixed typo with wrong password length (d9db877d)
    • Corrected Strip duration (4ea1b254)
    • Corrected RENEWAL_ASPD macro processing (d476934c)
    • Corrected pre-renewal Heal formula (3caf6687)
    • Corrected a compile warning on GCC 8 (3dd388ac)
    • Properly free function script counter (8050f7c8)
    • Removed leftover variable (90d603d1)
    • Corrected Magnum Break delay (fc2c6e02)
    • Fixed quest cooldown display bug for Quest Board NPC (bf52c52a)
    • Fixed pet evolution upgrade script (e6eaa9fe)
    • Made mob sprite column unique (d80e111e)
    • Updated README.md (68e98a87)
    • Small doc/script_commands.txt correction (0b1184e4)


List of Contributors:

@4144, @admkakaroto, @aleos89, @Asheraf, @Badarosk0, @cahya1992, @cydh, @daisyanne1380, @Everade, @gengstergile, @Indigo000, @laziem, @mazvi, @mrjnumber1, @naffej, @Normynator, @Playtester, @RadianFord, @rfperuch, @sader1992, @SeravySensei, @Stingor, @teededung, @Tokeiburu


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