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Callfunc npc script in src code?


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hlw, would anyone tell me how to execute a

callfunc "func", param1,param2;

in src (função de npc script existente!)   ?

one skill will call callfunc "func", 1, skill_id;

I need to pass param1 = 1, param2 = skil_level

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try using the code it was written with




check your script.c


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You can't do that (not without major changes anyway). I presume the goal here is to run a script in the source (which is a bad idea), but the easy solution here would simply be to set your variables as temporary global variables and then run an event label:

In the source, you would use something like:

#include "mapreg.h"
#include "npc.h"


mapreg_setreg(reference_uid(add_str("[email protected]"), 0), MG_SAFETYWALL);
mapreg_setreg(reference_uid(add_str("[email protected]"), 0), skill_id);
mapreg_setregstr(reference_uid(add_str("[email protected]$"), 0), "a string");

npc_event_do_id("MyScript::OnCalled", sd->bl.id);


And in the script:

function	script	myfunction	{
	announce "arg1: " + getarg(0) + ", arg2: " + getarg(1) + ", arg3: " + getarg(2);

-	script	MyScript	-1,{
	callfunc("myfunction", [email protected], [email protected], [email protected]$);


It would be much easier to do the code in the source directly instead though.

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