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add slot in item without losing cards and enchantments


Good night people. I have a question:

How do I make a npc put a slot in an item? I know the structure is simple it swaps the version without a slot for a slot.

delitem 5022.1; // Helm_Of_Sun
getitem 5353.1; // Helm_Of_Sun_

The question is whether the item already has a letter or spell. How do I keep the state they were in.

for example:

delitem 1119; // Tsurugi [1] with a card and an enchantment
getitem 1120; // Tsurugi [2] with the same card and with the same spell

I know it's possible .. because at a Bro event this was done.

Thanks in advance for your support.

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you need to get the inventory list and check for the item that the player selected , than get all it information

delete the item than give the player new item using getitem2 or getitem3 if you use random options system

getinventorylist {<char_id>};

getitem2 and getitem3

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You need to use getitem2 and getitem3 to respawn an identical item, with the same cards/attributes, plus your extra slot.


pick item

check item info and save


spawn new item with info

add slot



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