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Accessing to talking function


Hello, anyone know who are function to send message to game?

i have find this

int channel_send(struct Channel *channel, struct map_session_data *sd, const char *msg) {
    int idx = 0;

    if(!channel || !sd || !msg || (idx = channel_pc_haschan(sd, channel)) < 0)
        return -1;

    if(!pc_has_permission(sd, PC_PERM_CHANNEL_ADMIN) && channel->msg_delay != 0 && DIFF_TICK(sd->channel_tick[idx] + channel->msg_delay, gettick()) > 0) {
        clif_messagecolor(&sd->bl,color_table[COLOR_RED],msg_txt(sd,1455),false,SELF); //You're talking too fast!
        return -2;
    else {
        char output[CHAT_SIZE_MAX];
        unsigned long color = channel->color;
        if((channel->opt&CHAN_OPT_COLOR_OVERRIDE) && sd->fontcolor && sd->fontcolor < channel_config.colors_count && channel_config.colors[sd->fontcolor])
            color = channel_config.colors[sd->fontcolor];
        safesnprintf(output, CHAT_SIZE_MAX, "%s %s : %s", channel->alias, sd->status.name, msg);
        sd->channel_tick[idx] = gettick();
    return 0;



but im not sure this is a correct function to send message in public chat to field.

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