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rAthena Studio

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Hi, If  interest, wanted to introduces you rAthena Studio.


Is a Cross-Platform tool for manage, setting and configuring rAthena Server.
Written in Qt C++.

Compatible 100% for Windows, Linux and Mac.
and OpenSource.

Actually is in progress.

But are available for testing and configure simple 4 step to run rAthena in public ip.








Reposity is public and open for all future Developer and more.

github.png  and Join on Discord  images?q=tbn:ANd9GcQXOnH4jxU0h8gEZFIfCn5

Next, more feature, client patch and more....




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add a compiler or something else 'util' to it, just the configuration is something relatively easy to do manually, maybe if it compiles it or if it is able to run the emulator in a window of the application itself yes, it would be something super interesting.

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Hi all 🙂

I haven't written any updates for a long time.

Causes covid, life, work and more...

Other full server configuration , i decide to implements a visual scripting editor like Blue Print (Unreal Engine)

How to work is very simple, Just connect Node to Node, setting value, and the program, generate the npc script.

The source code work like that.

All nodes contains this function to generate code relative to parameters setting.

public string CreateCode()
            return map.Text + "," + x.Text + "," + y.Text + "," + dir.Text + "	script	" + name.Text + "	" + graphics.Text + ",{";

Really simple.

And, this is Frontend


Hope like this new NPC Editor.
Actually need more time to create all Node and function relative to all npc command and sql operation.
Follow for more news or join in rAthena Studio on discord 🙂👍


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