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Possibile web request?


Hello, is possible whit npc send a webrequest or navigate.


for example


No need response but only send an action.
No need url, or user to click on a link.
Just send an GET action on url.

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Your request is very ambiguous. How is the page being called? Is it through the client? Have you looked at how <url> works?

From script_commands.txt

Similarly, you can create links to websites that launch in a new window:

	<URL>Display Name<INFO>http://www.example.com/</INFO></URL>";


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I need the page is called via npc without click on link or button


In C# code example i call a webrequest whit WebClient


string msg = "Hello";
WebClient wb = new WebClient($"http://mysite.com?message={msg}");



wb.DownloadString(); // for response.

i need a function like this if exist.
or need to edit source code?

if i need, name of the interested file?

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