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help Dimension Door limited range to teleport

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Hi Community,

Newbie here trying to play around my offline server

I'm trying to change Dimension door to randomly teleport players to any available cell to lets say 15x15 range only

the idea is to get players to try to cross nearby walls or any obstruction within the area, monsters are ok to be warped map wide

			if( tsd && !map[bl->m].flag.noteleport )
			else if( bl->type == BL_MOB && battle_config.mob_warp&8 )

if i understood, pc_randomwarp(sd,clrtype) is the function for teleport so I need to change it into pc_setpos(sd,mapindex,x,y,clrtype)

The problem is im stuck setting the x y coordinates for random cell within a range, I tried scavenging for similar functions of other skills but still no luck on making it work 😞

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