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[Suggestion] Script command to retrieve active quest info

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As of now, there isn't a script command to retrieve the timer or the hunted amount of a given mob in a quest. There's only checkquest(<id>,PLAYTIME) or checkquest(<id>,HUNTING) which only retrieves if the timer has been reached, or if the amount has been hunted. It'd be useful to have a command which returns the sd->quest_log[id].time parameter or sd->quest_log.count[j]
This way there wouldn't be a need for variables like etower_timer, and this would be useful to retrieve this info instantly for multiple specified quests.
Here's what I propose:

*getquestinfo(<quest>,<type>{,<mob id>{,<char_id>})

Returns the quest information of the given character.

Valid info types:
 PLAYTIME: returns the internal timer of the quest.
 HUNTING: returns the amount of <mob id> already hunted.


	mes "You've hunted "+getquestinfo(60301,HUNTING,1155)+" Petit.";

	[email protected] = getquestinfo(60200,PLAYTIME);
	mes "You still have to wait "+Time2Str([email protected])+" to enter Endless Tower again.";


And here's a little snippet to check instance timers easily, which would be one of the main uses of this type of command I think.

	setarray [email protected]$[0],"Endless Tower","Sealed Catacomb";
	setarray [email protected]_id[0],60200,3040;
	setarray [email protected]$[0],"Unavaiaible","990000","Avaiaible","009900";
	for([email protected] = getarraysize([email protected]$);[email protected] < [email protected];[email protected]++) {
		[email protected]$ = "";
		[email protected] = checkquest([email protected]_id[[email protected]],PLAYTIME);
		[email protected] = [email protected] == -1 || [email protected] == 2;
		if([email protected]) {
			[email protected] = getquestinfo([email protected]_id[[email protected]],PLAYTIME);
			[email protected]$ = Time2Str([email protected]);
		dispbottom [email protected]$[[email protected]]+": "[email protected]$[[email protected]*2]+" "[email protected]$+".","0x"[email protected]$[[email protected]*2 + 1];


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