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Do I really see "tests" in here?

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I've been snooping around using my free time tried to help around by testing some new features and helping around the source support section. blah blah blah

cutting the long story short, I saw this from @Secretsfeature/skill_crit repo

correct me if I'm wrong but, if feature/skill_crit makes it through, this will also be a part of the master src, no?


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On 9/18/2018 at 1:54 AM, Lemongrass said:

I have dropped the old src/test folder because it was not used anyway.

If we can come up with a decent unit/integration test design we can gladly add it back though.

I see. I've yet to check things out again as I've just got back from a razzle dazzle IRL. I might check this out in the coming weeks.

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