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How can i add an item drop?


I want to MvP mobs to drop the item 674, how can i do this? I've changed already at the mob_db but it wont drop...

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go to your db folder then if you're using pre-renewal or renewal depends on what your server is running then

open pre-re or re folder go to mob_drop.txt


// Structure:
// <mobid>,<itemid>,<rate>{,<randopt_groupid>,<flag>}
// <mobid>  : Monster ID. See db/[pre-]re/mob_db.txt
// <itemid> : Item ID.
// <rate>   : 1 = 0.01%
//            100 = 1%
//            10000 = 100%
//            Just like rate in mob_db.txt, adjusted by battle_config.
//            To remove original drop from monster, use 0 as rate.
// Optional:
// <randopt_groupid> : If set, the dropped item will be modified by Random Option Group based on db/[pre-]re/item_randomopt_group.txt
// <flag>            : 1 - The item is protected from steal.
//                     2 - As MVP Reward

for example

you want ifrit to drop yggdrasil berry (607)

1832,607,10000 //ifrit drops yggdrasil berry 100% when killed


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