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Maps not showing night mode


Hi peoples,

Honestly I don't where to put this question, as it touches script, maps, source (probably, somewhere) so I put it here by default...Sorry if that's not the right place.

I'm currently installing a system that changes day and night through script.

The whole thing is working perfectly fine, except for thing. 

I duplicated some maps (prontera, izlude...) for lore reason, and want to route players to normal or duplicate map according to daytime.

But right now, if the routing works well, the night mode isn't applied on duplicate, while it is on all other maps.

The duplicates are made through resnametable.

Any idea about what could cause that issue to happen?

Thanks for your help peoples!

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Oh nice! Never seen this mapflag, I could have looked for a really long time XD

Gonna give it a try, thanks.

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