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Bug Food script


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Hello fellow community, I am having the following problem ... When using the SC_STRFood sc_start command, 360000,10; (for example) my char gets petrified, I wonder if it's a problem in script or emulator ~>image.png.da08e44c724ff9ae981a26ceb2308fae.png  

when I use sc_start SC_FOOD_STR_CASH, 1800000.30; I get the buffs normally without any bugs ...


I would like to add 2 types of foods, for example one of +30 str and another of +10 as that image for example ~~>



or would like to know if it is possible to change the consumable value, for example sc_start SC_FOOD_STR_CASH, 1800000,30; in place of 30, put 40, I tried to change the value but continued giving the same status.

I do not know if my topic was confused, but I thank the attention of those who can answer me!

much love, guys! ❤️

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