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Release: Extended Vending 2.0

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On 9/25/2021 at 12:01 AM, Easycore said:

New Version:
Working on latest Git: 6672bf

  • Refactored 'item_vending.txt' to YAML Format 'item_vending_db.yml'.
  • Fixed an issue regarding bound items in the buyer's inventory.
  • Added a config to enable/disable buying with bounded items.
  • Prevent buying if seller has the Max Item in the inventory (30,000 ea).
  • Added GetComma for a better visualization of the amount of zeny received (Vending Report).
  • Code clean-up.

Status: Pending Approval.


I tried this on a fresh 6672bf

But it doesn't seem to recognize the items.

"You do not have enough items"


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9 hours ago, masterzeus said:

add zeny and cash intro the iteminfo

I got the zeny and cash working too. Did you have any luck making the other items work?

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