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[Showcase] Crystal

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There is one game - Jedi Knight: Jedi Academy - in which you run and
fight, being a Jedi. There was a good multiplayer for team competitions
and death matches. Also, players themselves could create locations for
competitive modes. One of them was loved by me most of all,
thanks to a unique map and an interesting realization of different tricks.
Now I don't have any original files of this map for JK, no screenshots,
but the idea is alive!






The rules were slightly modified, here is the latest version:
In this mode, one of the commands is located outside the bunker and must
capture it by breaking the crystal which is located on the 4th floor in
a special room. The task of the second team is not to do this and to
score 25 points, killing 25 players of the opposing team. If both these
conditions do not occur, then the team that kills more players from the
opposing team wins. For the destruction of the crystal or keeping it for
the rest of the time, the teams receive 25 extra points.

There are as many as 4 ways to get inside.


1) The first is to open the central entrance from the inside. You can do
this by activating the lever, which will open the passage for 10
seconds. Usually this is used in the first seconds of the game for fun
or for full control of the territory, if the bunker is safe (inside
there must always be one of the team players to quickly open the door
for retreat). This is the fastest way to get to the 1st floor.


2) The second is to open the main door leading to the guest hall of the
bunker. To do this, you need to activate two devices after spending 5
seconds. In this case, the enemy team can prevent you, attacking
remotely from the nearest balcony and knocking down the timer (the door
can be closed again from either side by activating both devices and
spending 25 seconds).


3) The third is to get into the corridors of communication and sewerage
through the destroyed foundation. This way you can also get to the 1st
floor and it is always open.


4) The fourth is to climb the outer southern wall of the bunker. There is a
reserve entrance, which will not be closed after opening, because the
door device was broken in order to prevent diversions, because this is
the closest door to the room with the crystal from the outside. The
attacking team must activate the detonator nearby and move to a safe
place, otherwise they will be killed by an explosion.


There are also two additional passes (but these are optional for the
game and can be disabled at will).


1) The first is a ladder leading from the guest room to the upper floor of
the bunker. To get to it, just activate the door unit for 5 seconds. The
door can also be closed from either side after spending 5 seconds.


2) The second is a sabotage portal elevator right into the room with the
crystal. You can get into the secret room with the portal through the
side door at the beginning of the stairs. To do this, you must type
a password from the numbers, which changes every new game.
You can find out the password on one of the tables
in the laboratory located in the guest room.


Traps and Tricks:


1) All doors with the device except the emergency exit on the top floor
can be opened (after spending 5 seconds), and close (spending 25
seconds). Dual devices can be activated by 2 players at a time.


2) In the laboratory, you can activate a deadly electric shock
throughout the passage once every three seconds. In this case, the
impact does not affect those who have time to go into the adjacent
corridor leading to the balcony. The device works with a slight delay
after pressing, so that you can not instantly kill everyone in the
passage. Thus, attacking players must run from the balcony to the
balcony, trying to calculate the time after the last blow.


3) In the sewers there are monsters-defenders loyal to the enemy team in
small numbers, which creates some obstacles on the way.


4) Next to the room with the crystal are mounted combat turrets,
attacking the passing players of the enemy team. It's enough just to
activate them at the beginning of the new game (you could see it on my
previous map - Arena R4).


5) All obstacles through which you can logically justify a long-range
attack - are shot through.


P>S> When creating, only original textures and models were used.



Please rate it ? if the map is good enough

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This is awesome! Im surprised no one commented on this already...Id love to actually get a game going with this. 

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