February Digest 2018

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February Digest 2018
The following digest covers the month of February, 2018.


Staff Changes

  • Daegaladh is now a developer.

Development Highlights

  • CORE:
    • Added support for 2018-01-24 client (8792960d)
    • Fixed a bug with pincode on 2018-01-24 client (9d4fa62e)
    • Added support for 2018-02-07bRagexeRE client (e1b9d243)
    • Removed password output from atcommand accinfo (2746e0d3)
    • Made mercenary db dynamic (132feeb6)
    • Added new script command `clear` (ead017b3)
    • Fixed compatibility with some newer MySQL client library derivatives (dfe279fb)
    • Corrected renewal ASPD off-hand calculation (267fd3e6, b7d38283, 6411a1d4)
    • Set max Zeny to 2,147,483,647 (eaf44078)
    • Fixed item creation with full inventory (3c41d4ee)
    • Changing DBMap into STL::Map in C++ for guild storage (fe575dda)
    • Cleaned up atcommand accinfo leftovers (d4c1a57f)
    • Fixed display of newly added pet eggs in storage (c16b7b17)
    • Converted pet_data::petDB into a getter function (1e766a7b)
    • Added support for 2018-02-13aRagexeRE client (f6e0a0a3)
    • Added a new packet for the equipment swap system (71886193)
    • Fixed unitwalkto calls in unit walk events (a0a55dad)
    • Resolved renewal ASPD and two-handed weapons (31e2871d)
    • Corrected True Seyren Windsor Card bonus (24a9e4c6)
    • Corrected the party member ATK bonus of RK_FIGHTINGSPIRIT (82035609)
    • Added new mob placeholders (eea76c8e)
    • Corrected chance to craft 2 runes starts at Rune Mastery Lv5, not 6 (8258df64)
    • Corrected Heat Barrel bonuses (75a8f520)
    • More items correction (In general Equips) and added new item 1835 (41dbb30f)
    • Fixed some autobonus scripts in item_db (cacf450d)
    • Fixed AL_HOLYWATER behavior (2ecb30ab)
    • Updated Cultivation plant spawn formula (a40b1da4)
    • Updated Masquerade - Weakness behavior (d2c5ca99)
    • Fixed Mystical Amplification and Chain Lightning (02983c4f)
    • Corrected missing ATK / MATK bonus from Old Wind Whisper (77f75c05)
    • Corrected the amount of slots of Spartacus (4fef4d04)
    • Updated guild skill Guard Up (6e5de84a)
    • Updated Tiger Fist stop duration (0e23f3fe)
    • Removed unnecessary RC_PLAYER item bonuses (d3ea313b)
    • Added items of Reactors from Charleston Instance (7bb35d28)
    • Fixed STR/INT/VIT Biscuit Sticks item script (97c1e8b9)
    • Cart Termination should be affected by % effects (5998cca3)
    • Fixed Endow skills to match official behavior (1e2032cc)
    • Corrected Disarm and Steal Coin formulas (5e354494)
    • Updated Mob and NPC Identity (e9919620)
    • Corrected Power Swing weapon requirement (fdb7aefd)
    • Fixed Skin Tempering (BS_SKINTEMPER) fire resistance percentage (a40b69f3)
    • Fixed Sheltering Bliss (CG_MOONLIT) max level (b989844f)
    • Cleaned up kafra functions (139f6f25)
    • Workaround to solve issue with news cards in enchants NPCs (3bcb37bf)
    • Updated card seller NPC (afab80fb)
    • Initial release of Dimensional Travel Quest (6e0187bc)
    • Updated CI tool configurations (2f358d8f)
    • Fixed charban example in atcommands.txt (e43f03ad)
    • Fixed athena-start newlines not set to unix type (7f9f185c)
    • Added map_msg_mal.conf (38a00aa5)


  • Excluding merges, 13 authors have pushed 66 commits to master and 87 commits to all branches.
  • On master, 79 files have changed.
  • There have been 2,825 additions and 764 deletions.
  • There are 42 merged Pull Requests and 7 Proposed Pull Requests.
  • There are 13 new Issues and 40 Closed Issues.

List of Contributors

  • @4144, @admkakaroto, @aleos89, @Artuvazro, @Atemo, @ArcherDs, @Badarosk0, @BrOgBr, @cydh, @Daegaladh, @ecdarreola, @Everade, @flamefury, @hendra814, @laziem, @Lemongrass3110, @inhyositsu, @mrjnumber1, @RadianFord, @raynra, @rye305, @sader1992, @sctnightcore, @secretdataz, @talesofragnarok, @Tokeiburu, @uddevil, @vstumpf

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how can I get this script update? 

sorry just asking, i'm newbie. :unsure:

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3 hours ago, restigo said:

how can I get this script update? 

sorry just asking, i'm newbie. :unsure:

This is not a script, it's a list of changes for the month of February.

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