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Utility: Sky Fortress weapons enchantmet

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Sky Fortress weapons enchantmet

Since rA hasn't the possibility to make a easy way to the weapon comes enchanted, this NPC gives the power to the player enchant their Vicious Weapons with 3 sets of differents properties:

Slot 1
Weapon Element (Fire, Water, Wind, Earth, Poison, Holy, or Shadow)
Damage/Magic Damage to enemy's Element +1% ~ 20%
Healing Power 20%
Weapon unaffected by Size Penalty
Weapon cannot be broken in battle

Slot 2
Damage/Magic Damage to enemy's Race +1% ~ 20%
Bypass DEF/MDEF of enemy's Race by 1% ~ 30%
Bypass DEF/MDEF of Normal enemies by 16% ~ 25%
Damage to Boss monsters +20%

Slot 3
Stat +1 ~ 10
ATK +4 ~ 47
MATK +4 ~ 50
CRIT +10 ~ 19
Critical Damage +1% ~ 20%
ASPD +1% ~ 5%
Variable Cast Time -1% ~ 20%
Cast Delay -5% ~ 20%
Skill SP Cost -5%
Ranged Damage +13 ~ 20%


Need support or want to contact me? Onlye here in rA;
This scripts work is only granted in rA, the use in another emulators is your responsibility or if you want assist on it, I will charge.


You ARE NOT allowed to redistribute this script in any way;
All rights to this scripts are mine;
Chargeback scams are not tolerated if any of them happens the script will be removed from this store;
Terms above may be changed or adjusted without prior notification.

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On 17/02/2018 at 5:51 PM, petrecci said:

Hi, weapon range and magic not working :c

I will take a look on it, thank you!

@petrecci I fixed it in version 1.0.1, just uploaded it, need to wait staff aproves and you can download it :) 

Edited by Feilor

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