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Custom wings dont show when I equip them


Hello, I have added custom wings on my server, I can equip them I do get the bonus from them I can see the icon and collection icon of the item but when I equip them I just cannot see them on my character, I have the same viewID in my server item_db.txt as well as in my client file itemInfo, I have edited the accesoryid and accname with the same viewid (I have not skipped any I added it directly after the last item). There are not any errors, sprites are loaded because I can see the drop sprite.


And as I clear can see the item drop sprite I must have done everything correctly and the sprite is loaded correctly but it just does not appear on my back when I equip it, what am I doing wrong ?





I can see them even if I drop them on the ground:



So the sprites must be loaded correctly.



Client: 2015-10-29aRagexe

Client is diffed with 2100 headgear limit

viewID in itemInfo.lua is the same as on my server item_db.txt and as well as in accname.lub and accessoryid.lub files

I dont have any sprites errors what so ever.






Thanks in advance,



PS: If you help me I will give you a lot of custom private wings sprites if you want of course :)



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Ok solved, it does not have any effect modifying lua files folder, but it does have effect when I edited lubfiles514 folder. You shoul update your github wiki about custom items then.

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Good Day Dakado, would you mind elaborating more on this how do you solved this? i am experiencing the same. Correct VIEW ID but when equipped there's nothing appear on my Character...

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