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November Digest 2017

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November Digest 2017
The following digest covers the month of November, 2017.


Staff Changes

  • None.

Development Highlights

  • CORE:
    • Started initial work for map server to C++ (c4a364be, a49a1a52)
    • Started initial work for char server to C++ (24b3509e)
    • Started initial work for login server to C++ (a587b913)
    • Refactored achievements to utilize C++ features (1c660357)
    • Resolved skill NK checks (6decf6c6)
    • Adjusted item drop minimum value limit (86241b0e)
    • Added battle config autoloot_adjust (63daab58)
    • Fixed twice assigned values (1f7a314c)
    • Changed emoticons constant name (ea88ea50)
    • Merged emotion and unitemote script command into `emotion`, the previous emoticons constant names and unitemote script command are now deprecated! (ea88ea50)
    • Updated Heal formulas to match kRO (805a6fb6)
    • Added support for 2017-10-25 and 2017-11-01 clients (243f4ca3, c20d1cc3)
    • Fixed spawn infos after mobdb reload (ba9314cb, e148bd3a, b2d904b7)
    • Implemented new monster range (b2ab9724)
    • Adjusting Vending tax to match official (8e002bc9)
    • Added a new Vending Tax config (3ce3bc3f)
    • Corrected a ShowError output (1645fc0c)
    • Fixed spinlock issue (618b9356)
    • Added new NPC and Mob ID placeholders (af358809, 125ab285)
    • Corrected Mavka Card item bonus (e0b43ecc)
    • Updated warper NPC (c6fe9e9c)
    • Updated rune and skill effects of Rune Knight (da088357)
    • Corrected Valhalla Idol item bonus (c4ce8cfe)
    • Corrected Free Cast and Exceed Break walk speed (9766ec94)
    • Corrected Hyuke's Black Cat Ears and Wickebine's Black Cat Ears item bonus (50ef5650)
    • Corrected Hell Inferno Dark damage behavior (6fdb6059)
    • Fixed dummy at Prontera prevents critical attack from being displayed (c45db5d6)
    • Added 2 new hat effects (c5af8c76)
    • Fixed negative NPC input checks for arena_points.txt (c09929aa)
    • Added mapflag `nowarpto` to Novice Island RE maps (c6cc8ede)
    • Fixed deprecated emotion in GeffenMagicTournament.txt (cd089155)
    • Added save point in Izlude and updated monsters spawn in prt_fild08 (ca1b980e)
    • Fixed typo in Weapons Expert BK (ead1ed91)
    • Moved close3 function into Global_Functions.txt (d708fb35)
    • Fixed Bifrost Tower in Warper NPC (cfb8b42d)
    • Cleaned up and harmonized cmake file (e7e9cf6d)
    • Temporary adjustment for strict aliasing (67331599)
    • Harmonized include guards (728a29d4)
    • Resolved some compile warnings (c13f271a)
    • Added `emotion` and `unitemote` conversion tool in Python script (576d4886, c5ceda03, 4f62f68e, 34817c97)
    • Respect the default platform toolset (a2e8d027)
    • Changed minimum VS version to VS 2013 SP5 (4de727ef)
    • Fixed compilation for the Windows XP API (60b54917)
    • Resolved a compile warning on pre-renewal (cdbb14b9)
    • Fixed tools/ (03da2f68)
    • Corrected a potential map crash with achievements (114bebac)
    • Fix basic_test not having common.lib has dependancies registered in solution (664ea478)
    • Added custom src files to rAthena.sln (02044c0d)


  • Excluding merges, 12 authors have pushed 65 commits to master and 85 commits to all branches.
  • On master, 383 files have changed.
  • There have been 8,322 additions and 7,251 deletions.
  • There are 31 merged Pull Requests and 13 Proposed Pull Requests.
  • There are 12 new Issues and 55 Closed Issues.

List of Contributors

  • @4144, @AetherHaziel, @aleos89, @Atemo, @CairoLee, @cydh, @Daegaladh, @darhylism, @ecdarreola, @Encon21, @hartonox, @hendra814, @Jeybla, @Lemongrass3110, @lighta, @lunixoid, @mazvi, @mgksrt8, @RagnarokNova, @reymarbc, @Rytech2, @sader1992, @Sweet520, @Tokeiburu, @uddevil, @zackdreaver

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