KRO Winter Update - Soul Reaper and Star Emperor

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It's that time again! Bringing more news regarding what kRO is currently working on.... and we finally get to see a quick look at first sprites for Soul Reaper and Star Emperor;  Soul Linker and Star Gladiator's job changes. Before we get to those awesome looking classes, we'll quickly talk about other things being worked on.


Illusion Equipment gets an Update

Various abilities of the equipment will be updated; typically the level 4 equipments. You will not be able to enchant level 4 equipment like you can with the level 3 ones. Other enchantments, items, and options will be introduced.



Another round of Job Improvements

In the previous announcement, there was a first round of job improvements towards Genetics (Homuns) and Shadowchasers. In this round, they will be tackling Arch Bishop, Wanderer & Minstrel. Details have not been finalized yet... but they are pretty much looking at an active battle style as oppose to just being supportive classes.


Taekwon Update - Soul Reaper & Star Emperor!

In this new update, we have been given more insight into the awesome looking 2 new jobs coming for Star Gladiator and Soul Linker! Here are 2 quick skill informations:


Skills Translation (left to right)

Star Emperor - Dimensional Standing

  • MAX  Level: 5
  • Space-Only Skill
  • Type: Buff / Special
  • Available in Siege mode and PVP area
  • Description: You will be able to use the space more effectively for a certain amount of time by borrowing another dimension. If you use sacred explosions or sacrifice during the duration, you will have the following effects: Divine Blast: Divine Blast skill Kultime and skill use penalty is lost
  • [Level 1] - Duration 60 Seconds, Cool down 150 seconds.
  • [Level 2] Duration 60 Seconds, Cool down 120 seconds.
  • [Level 3] Duration 60 Seconds, Cool down 90 seconds.
  • [Level 4] Duration 60 Seconds, Cool down 60 seconds.
  • [Level 5] Duration 60 Seconds, Cool down 30 seconds.


Soul Reaper - Esfu

  • Required Skill: Espa (3)
  • MAX  Level: 7
  • Type: Active Skill
  • Consumes Soul Energy
  • Description: Enchant damage around the target. Increases the damage according to your base level. Enables you to use the ___(can't figure out what skill it says)___ for 5 seconds. This skill has no affect on players.
  • [Level 1] Damage Damage 1300%: 3×3
  • [Level 2] Magical Damage 1500% / Range 3 × 3
  • [Level 3] Magical Damage 1700% / Range: 3x3
  • [Level 4] Magic Damage 1900% / Range 5x5
  • [Level 5] Magic Damage 2100% Range: 5 x 5
  • [Level 6] Magic Damage 2300% / Range 5x5
  • [Level 7] Magic Damage 2500% Range: 7x7


Star Emperor & its Skill Tree



Rough Translation of Skills  (max level) & their Names:




Soul Reaper & its Skill Tree



Rough Translation of Skills  (max level) & their Names:



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it'll be cool if someone can get all skill translations

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