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August Digest 2017

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August Digest 2017
The following digest covers the month of August, 2017.


Staff Changes

  • @Z3R0 and @crazyarashi have become Forum Moderators.
  • @Azura Skyy has been moved to the Forum Moderators group.
  • @Cyro has been moved to the Content Moderators group.

Development Highlights

  • CORE:
    • Fixed pre-increment and pre-decrement operators for achievement condition parsing (c0556a3)
    • Corrected guild bound item retrieval deletion (4c62f58)
    • Fixed readparam when 2nd parameter is a variable (9d6b3d0)
    • Added a new item flag for delayed consumption (fe5f1e1)
    • Cleaned up character deletion code (bbd42e7)
    • Fixed a memory leak in achievementremove (ee12429,8310253,4a28c8c)
    • Fixed achievement handling in OnPCStatCalcEvent (70c14fa,f8e4aab)
    • Fixed misleading indentation in script.c (43949b8)
    • Fixed public equip switch not being saved (983d164)
    • Fixed mob database reloading (5424ab8)
    • Added dummy entries for the equip switch feature (829f0a1)
    • Made cbasetypes.h more C++ compatible (a46e012)
    • Added missing MySQL column check for show_equip (34aa59d)
    • Made global variables in header files extern and implement them in their respective source file (71421a4)
    • Corrected YAML file parsing (dcbb2df,ac1cf04,74cc00f)
    • Made view_data for mob unit changes persistent (abfd198)
    • Fixed a memory leak in the script engine (dce6ff1)
    • Fixed memory manager still using SVN revision (37f7fc5)
    • Fixed a PACKETVER mismatch for the random options (a2fc7d5)
    • Fixes memory leak in char-server (f9c6b92)
    • Inter server C++ conversion (cc1d26f)
    • Fixed another error from mobdb reloading (d673d25)
    • Fixed std::string reference being an incomplete type in inter.h (bfb9294)
    • Fixed cast time for the npcskill script command (165197d)
    • Fixed return value of unitattack for players (4cb4d60)
    • Fixed character creation for expired VIP accounts (d319ff7)
    • Fixed rebinding of mob view data for killed mobs (5fdebec,6f98508)
    • Added support for the all 2017-06 clients (1fc0ed6)
    • Added script command sc_end_class (4539d55)
    • Cleaned up Item Shop checks (7a1b2e0)
    • Corrected the Chorus skills damage bonus (515fa6a)
    • Adjusted the Achievement Chat Counter (3e51f68)
    • Corrected mob chat display checks (b19325b)
    • Adjusted HP, Max HP, SP, and Max SP SQL defines (fc115b8)
    • Fixed swapped accessories (cd3f42e,166836d)
    • Removed some hardcoded item checks (cd164d7)
    • Added new NPC IDs and mob ID placeholders (b30d0fd)
    • Fixed wrong crimson staff being dropped (693e958)
    • Updated item_db.txt (16.1 episode) (641a1f1)
    • Resolved non-weapon items having a weapon level (b9627dd)
    • Fixed bAddEffOnSkill (9db3c38)
    • Corrected Fatal Menace behavior (39a5d38)
    • Updated Silvervine Root Twist behavior (e4072e1)
    • Fixed a lot of "next" on Old Pharmacist (627a178)
    • Fixed a typo in quests_eclage.txt (115c1b9)
    • Fixed storage condition in Lasagna town (087a727)
    • Fixed script dialogue's NPC name to its proper order (fcc4936)
    • Fixed incorrect use of 'close' command (f4de91b)
    • Adjusted script command gettimestr (7554b53)
    • Initial release of Ghost Palace Memorial (11d3300)
    • Fixed compile warning and errors (f4338ad,3183c39)
    • Fixed a compilation problem with CentOS (9084d01)
    • Details of import/ dirs and examples (8417d76)
    • Fixed x64 release mode not building all servers (6b18ea5)
    • Updated Readme.md (c9ce29c)


  • Excluding merges, 13 authors have pushed 74 commits to master and 93 commits to all branches.
  • On master, 115 files have changed.
  • There have been 2,793 additions and 947 deletions.
  • There are 29 merged Pull Requests and 12 Proposed Pull Requests.
  • There are 13 new Issues and 55 Closed Issues.

List of Contributors

  • @admkakaroto, @Akkarinage, @aleos89, @anacondaqq, @Atemo, @Canoe, @CairoLee, @chadn4u, @ClayJensen, @cydh, @Daegaladh, @Everade, @exneval, @hendra814, @hurtsky, @Jeybla, @karlseven, @keitenai, @Lemongrass3110, @M45T3Ryu, @M4karov, @mazvi, @Milchdealer, @sanny1128, @secretdataz, @Stolao, @Temtaime, @TesLA-Git, @Tokeiburu, @uddevil, @vstumpf, @Yuchinin

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Very Very Very nice work!



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14 hours ago, nanakiwurtz said:

There are 13 new Issues and 55 Closed Issues.

this makes me happy :3

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Thank you for the amazing work :)

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Awesome <3 Thank you guys :)

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There is every day that passes this team surpasses. Congratulations on the great work.

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