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WarpPortal has launched recently a new Ragnarok Online server, the Re: Start server, which mixes part of Classic and Renewal Ragnarok Onlines,

those mixes includes monster level, physical status, exp and location from classic server, alongside the classic class changes at the beggining of the game,

alongside the new renewal mechanics, like DEX increasing cast speed, shield reducing attack speed while giving more defense and more changes.

Alongside the revival of Old Morocc and It's fields, old anthell entrance locations and the return of the guy of the aptitude test in the tutorial.

While the game look like a dream for some, the dream lasted 2 days until the game were overrun into bots (too).

Beside that little fact, the mix between both servers ended up pretty good, I recommend you guys to check out, beside, It might also be interesting

for rAthena that mix between renewal and classic server.

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Already played at Gravindo indonesian official server.

same system with re-start from warpportal.

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