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Crimson Weapons and Item Random Options Drop Support

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Crimson Weapons and Item Random Options Drop Support

As of Git Hash: e59cdff, rAthena now supports assigning additional monster item drops and adding random options to item drops via an extra files for item drops.

You probably knew it already, the random options system that was added in 2016 still lacks an important component, an easy way to make drops from monsters have random options assigned.

As of Git Hash: e59cdff, @Cydh implemented an additional database for monster drops that also has random options assigning support. We also shipped the system with a default set of Crimson weapon drops.


- A new database file has been added in db/{pre-}re/mob_drop.txt. Please see its usage at the file's header!
- [Reminder] Options assigned to an item will NOT display if you are not using a 2015 or later client. Their stats will still be calculated, though.


Thank you to @Cydh again for making this happen!


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