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Quests, Games: Monster Defense

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Monster Defense

About This Script:
You must defend one (1) monster from ten (10) different kind of waves. However, there will be three (3) bonus waves which is not part of the ten (10) waves. You must defend and guard the monster from the monsters spawned, once you have finished all the ten (10) waves, you will be rewarded at the end.
2. Every wave vastly increases its difficulty.
3. Each wave has different monsters and some of them may be boss and MvPs.
4. Event is not automated.
5. Configurations and instructions can be read inside the file.

What's More:
1. The monster must not get hit a thousand (1000) times or you will fail the event. Number of hits can be changed, instruction inside the file.
2. Modifying mob_db and mob_avail.

What's Coming:
1. A video related to this script, how it runs and such.

Terms and Agreement:

  • You are not allowed to hand out this file, modified or not, free or with price.
  • Chargeback scams are not tolerated and will get you punished on rAthena.
  • All rights still remain to the creator of this script.
  • These terms and conditions are subject to change without prior notice.

Copyright © - Freya 2017 - All Rights Reserved


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