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Spring Hiring Spree 2017

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It's been a long time since we've had an influx of new staff, and with the team dwindling down to only 6 active members it's time for a hiring push to cope with the mounting number of systems and processes we have in place. Now is an ideal time to submit your applications to join our team!

The following positions are open for anyone to apply for:

The Developer is responsible for providing a number of fixes or additions that effect the operation of the emulator. They work closely with the community on both the forums and our Github repository to confirm bugs and provide updates.

  • Must be proficient in C/C++ and have some sort of experience with C/C++ programming.
  • A script/DB developer must know the rAthena scripting language intimately.
  • Good English typing skills are required to fill out concise reports.

Forum Moderator
The Forum Moderator takes care of the forums by moderating topics and posts. These simple actions can make the world of difference! A tidy forum is a happy forum! Occasionally, members need to be kept in-check and it is the Forum Moderators' duty to issue warnings and provide advice to members in order to keep them within the Rules and Guidelines.

Content Moderator
In addition to having the ability to provide general forum moderation, the Content Moderator looks after our Files app and various plugin content. Moderation areas for this role are Files, Server Database, Jobs Available, Awards.

International Moderator (Special requirements apply)
The International Moderators take charge over a specific language forum, providing moderation, support and such to the international community where they are most fluent.
* An international moderator must be fluent (usually a native) of the language he/she wants to moderate for.
* An international moderator must also speak decent to very good English to communicate with the rest of the team as needed.

As always, the Staff Applications are open and waiting to be filled in. Good luck!

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Awesome way to get people involved @Akkarin!

I'm pleased to say we've seen a number of applications today!

For those considering... Whether or not you believe yourself to be qualified, please apply if you think you have something to contribute. We are not going to put you on blast if you are not accepted! Always good to see people wanting to move the project forward and keep the forums clean. Thanks to everyone who has already submitted an application. I also see concerns about what qualifies as a 'work sample' - this is everything from your post history, git activity, server work, and education or knowledge with all things RO (scripting, spriting, mapping, etc). If you have another special skill you think is relevant, include that. It isn't a strict 'must have done this' requirement.

Good luck to everyone who applies!  /no1

~Azura Skyy

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Wish international Moderation  was more of an active section I would apply for Spanish section but we already redirect to another site :/

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Yeah the Same,

I can fluently speak write in Russian, English, French (Oh wait there is NO French branch.... Nevermind then...)

And yeah, I don't have a lot of time...

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On 4/26/2017 at 7:23 PM, sikiro said:

Wish international Moderation  was more of an active section I would apply for Spanish section but we already redirect to another site :/

There are no redirects within the Spanish section o.O

Also, keep submitting your applications guys! We could perhaps do with another 2 or 3 Devs too!

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