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Forum Warning System; Explained

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Hey guys!

I've been receiving many PMs over the last two months from disgruntled members claiming that staff are being unfair or giving out Warning Points on a whim, so I thought it might be time to explain how this system works.

The Warnings available to staff are all preset in order to have a standardised rule set. All staff are unable to make up their own warnings to prevent bias. These warning reasons are taken directly from the Rules page, which all members agree to adhere to.



Each warning has a +# value in front of it denoting how many warning points it gives. When your account has reached a certain number of points in any 28 day period, your account will suffer under some restrictions.

These restrictions are also preset.



For example, for breaking the rules for topic bumping 5 times within any 28 day period will restrict you from posting on our forums for 7 days.

The rules predate my existence on this project and i'm sure many members who have been a part of this project can agree that over the last few years we have become ignorant of punishing rule-breakers. I believed our laid-back lax approach needed a gentle push, so this system was overhauled on 7th December 2016 and is so far doing it's job very well.

December Warnings: 40
January Warnings: 69

The staff are not out to get you and only issue warnings if the warning conditions are met. Members who don't follow the forum rules get warned, it's as simple as that.

If for some reason you believe you shouldn't have been given warning points in a particular instance, please feel free to contact me.

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Lesson learned.

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