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Heffe's here


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Hey guys I would like to introduce myself.....

              Hefe's, I've been playing ragnarok since 2003 kRO, afterwards when iRO launched I moved with some guild members  and played there until bRO was laucnhed. It s was a long journey of joy and pain. I guess that is what everybody feels while playing Ragnarok and that is why this game is so fun.

Anyways this year I had this project in mind I always wanted to get in touch with Linux speacially  the Unbuntu distribution  I got some knowledge of SQL so I thought why not making a server just for fun while learning more about linux tag along with a little bit of php, sql and lots of commands.

Perfect idea so far got almost everything running for local test and I must say it was very interessting and joyfull give it a chance.

Anyways got to go



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