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rA's Discord Quotes

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Discord being a more relaxed place to talk than the forum can make some golden quotes happen. Feel free to share one!

This thread is a continuation of rA's IRC Quotes thread.

For those who don't know Discord or haven't been to our Discord server yet, this post below is a great explaination of it.



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I'll try to provide something ~once a week. Here are 3 to start.

[1] No context needed




[2] The long going joke for anyone uninitiated is that Emistry is the Emperor of all things rA realted and maybe IRL

[3] A rogue moderator went on a banning spree. Everyone returned soon thereafter.


~Azura Skyy

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Here's a few - hope nobody minds!


I'm actually male:

ss (2017-04-25 at 12.46.17).png


Not technically a discord quote, but still caused a giggle:

ss (2017-04-26 at 05.16.38).png



ss (2017-04-26 at 06.50.01).png


Like.. seriously:

ss (2017-05-03 at 12.54.22).png


Publicly shaming for hilarious scripting method:

ss (2017-05-04 at 05.36.41).png


This is not how to get a promotion:

ss (2017-05-07 at 04.21.02).png


One should never assume:

ss (2017-05-07 at 05.00.11).png


It doesn't happen very often:

ss (2017-05-27 at 05.47.42).png


It all goes on in the Staff channel!

ss (2017-07-07 at 10.41.02).png



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It's been a while since I've posted anything in here - feel free to tag along for the ride!

I can't explain this one:

ss (2019-07-03 at 09.29.53).jpg


During yesterday's update:

ss (2019-07-03 at 09.30.45).jpg


Also during yesterday's update:

ss (2019-07-03 at 09.30.31).png



I like cats. And alcohol.

ss (2019-07-03 at 09.31.12).jpg


Poor Dae 😞 

ss (2019-07-03 at 09.31.46).png



For a change they weren't talking about me!

ss (2019-07-03 at 09.35.12).jpg



ss (2019-07-03 at 09.36.02).jpg


Sorry guys /kis


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