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I tried to search but couldn't find one...


Does anyone have this npc which shows if the certain MVP is still alive or not so as to help players view if the MVP is still available to kill?



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this script is no longer possible with the dynamic_mobs option on, which most server will left it on

the reason is because the MVP spawned on the map use boss_monster syntax


ok here's the explanation,

No.1 You have to understand what is dynamic_mob configuration

tested with "@mapmoblist prt_fild07", you'll notice if there are no players in the map, it return empty
but the moment you "@rura prt_fild07", warp into the map, it start to populate the map with monsters, and "@mapmoblist" will return something
yup, if you go back to prontera, "@reloadscript" and "@mapmoblist prt_fild07" again, it will be empty again, because dynamic_mob is at play here

in other words, if you actually just use *mobcount or *getmapunits to search for a monster on the map not yet populated, it will return empty

this can be bypass by spawn with a *monster script command .... it just ...

No.2 monster spawned by boss_monster syntax cannot replicate with *monster script command

monster spawned by *monster script command can bypass the dynamic mob,
but there are no script command available yet that can simulate with boss_monster syntax
this has been suggested on hercules -> https://github.com/HerculesWS/Hercules/issues/1839

in other words, if you want the MVP can search by Convex Mirror and also can search by a script command, currently not available
it was available on eathena because both dynamic_mob and convex mirror wasn't implement yet, back then

there are a few methods that I can think of to solve this issue, either
1. implement the suggestion to have *boss_monster script command
2. disable dynamic mob (not recommended)
3. apply this patch -> https://rathena.org/board/topic/88722-dynamic-mobs-not-respawn-mvp-very-small-mod/

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Well, I'm looking specifically for an NPC which will show if the MVP is dead or not...


Like a PvP ladder but will show MVP instead... does that make sense? :D

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