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Stuck on how to connect to my own server


I'm a complete newbie at this whole server, but I want to set up a private server just for myself, don't want anyone else to connect to it.


I followed the instructions on how to install the server as per





And I started the three servers with the .bat and they all launched succesfully. All I am having problems with is how to connect to my own server.


I followed this guide:





Followed it to the letter, and when I launch Loki launcher i put in my credentials then nothing happens. Could anyone give me some help here?


I downloaded the Clean RO folder from the pinned thread in this forum.


Assistance would be greatly appreciated!

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You could have kept your previous client, but yes, that works too. You can also keep 2013-08-14; the two clients are practically the same. Step 2 isn't needed right now. Add those patches (as well as the recommended ones) while you're in NEMO :

Read Data Folder First

Skip License Screen

Load Custom lua file instead of iteminfo.lub > change it to itemInfo.lua (this is required to avoid kRO updates erasing your own files)


All the others are really up to you and how you want your client to be.


Don't forget the missing font in the System folder (actually just copy the entire folder from the link above as well, for the System folder, that will make things easier). (And remove/rename that skin folder, took me quite some time to figure out why my client wasn't loading at all when I used this full client release from nickyzai.)

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On 8/1/2015 at 4:29 AM, Tokei said:


Anyhow, does the login-server or char-server show anything more precise than "Closed connection..."?

Hi Tokei, 

please help to advise, mine only showing Closed Connection although for localhost. 

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Well, on the bright side your server setup appears to be fine (so far!). The issue right now comes from your client which is unable to start. Can you tell us your client version and give us your patch list? (If you haven't made your own client, I'd suggest you to make it yourself; use 2013-08-07a from http://k3dt.eu/Ragexe/unpacked/ and NEMO to apply your patches). It's good to learn how to make your own clients rather than using pre-made ones anyway ;]! If you select the recommended patches it should be enough to start the client properly. Don't forget to update your client version in your mmo.h and recompile afterwards.


Also, do make sure you select "Restore Login Window (Recommended)" to avoid using a launcher (which most players dislike). Do not check the "Ignore Missing File Error" patch, as this will help you out a lot to identify errors later on.


Have you updated your lub files? You can use the following link to do so : https://github.com/ROClientSide/Translation

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I downloaded Full_kRO_Renewal_20150601.exe from here https://www.nickyzai.com/?p=kro


Sorry I meant to link this as the guide I ussed to create my own client, which I guess is what you meant by that:




I used a file called 2013-08-14aRagexe.exe.zip and a Diff called 2013-08-14aRagexe.xdiff  and I selected the following items as per the guide: 


- Disable  Ragexe Filename Check
- Disable HShield
- Disable Packet Encryption
- Enable Multiple GRFs
[email protected] Bug Fix
- Ignore Missing File Error
- Ignore Missing Palette Error
- Increase Headgear ViewID to 5000
- Increase Zoom
- Load ItemInfo.lua before lub
- Read Data Folder First
- Read msgstringtable.txt
- Read questid2display.txt
- Translate Client In English
- Use Normal Guild Brackets
- Use Ragnarok Icon
- eXtract MsgStringTable.txt
- eXtract txt file strings


Was that what you meant by patch list?


As for the lub files I ran a bat which converted all lua files into lub files, I am not sure if that's what I needed to do.


I removed the error ignore and i get the following errors:


cannot open sys tem/iteminfo.lua: No such file or directory

ItemInfo file init


C:My Path\System\Font\RixSquirrel_10.eot (and a bunch of gibberish) 

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Ah, much better now ;]!


Well, as the error says, you're missing your itemInfo.lua file which is located in the System folder (this is one of your patch : "Load ItemInfo.lua before lub"). You probably have an itemInfo.lub in there already though so just rename it to itemInfo.lua or use the one from Client Translation project (link up there). You appear to be missing some font files as well. These can be found from the link I gave you up there (or directly here : https://github.com/ROClientSide/Translation/tree/master/System/Font). Download them all and put them in your RO/System/Font/ directory.


That nickyzai full client is known to have a bug in it, not sure if it's been fixed or not in this version however, but just to be safe rename the skin folder (in your main RO directory) to skin2 (or delete it). Add it later when everything works fine.

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Okay well it seems its moving forward but still more issues:


I get now a message that says:


lua files\quest\Quest_function


[string "buf"]:6: bad argument #1 to 'ipairs' (table expected, got nil)


That being said I can press ok and then game will load, with a strange  string of letters and numbers in the lower right corner of the client,  but the intro song plays and it asks "do you agree"? After which I press okay, it waits for a few seconds, and states "Failed to Connect to Server"


Thanks for your continued help

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The "do you agree?" can be solved when you diff your client with "Skip License Screen".


As for the other errors, they're from incompatible lua/lub files. I would really suggest you to download all the files from https://github.com/ROClientSide/Translation/tree/master/data/luafiles514/lua%20files (make sure they're in the correct directory : RO\data\luafiles514\lua files\).

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Okay so I'm just going to enumerate the steps I'm taking since I think its best to start from scratch.


1 - Extract the Clean RO folder once more.

2 - Update it with rsu-kro-renewal-lite.exe

3 - Download 2013-08-07a 

4 - Download Nemo, select recommended patches, name DATA.INI and apply.

5 - There's no data folder on the clean RO folder, so I'll have to create one and download everything from the translation folder.

6 - Edit clientinfo.xml

7 - Then copy the patched exe into the RO folder and run it.


Does that sound about right or am I missing a step?

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Okay I feel like im very close to this now:


Client runs without errors, goes into the first screen that says:

"Possible escape area", and I select local


then it asks for my id and pass, which I input, and I can see on login-server.exe that it says


[status]: Connection of the account 'wulfen' accepted.


And instantly after: 



[info]: Closed connection from ''.


Then I select rAthena(0) and then I get a "Failed to Connect to Server Message"


My clientinfo.xml looks like this:


  <?xml version="1.0" encoding="euc-kr" ?>
- <clientinfo>
  <desc>Ragnarok Client Information</desc>
- <connection>
- <loading>



Any suggestions?

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Hmmm, a bit confused, "" is your LAN IP. If you want a 'closed' server for yourself (which is what you wanted to do initially), you should use the localhost address : In the clientinfo.xml, change the address to : <address></address>. Also just to be sure, your import files should look as shown below. If you aren't familiar with the import folder, it basically overwrites the default values of your .conf files (such as map_athena.conf and char_athena.conf) and avoids conflits from git updates. Take the files from import-tmpl and copy them to import if you haven't done so already.



userid: S1_USERNAME
passwd: P1_PASSWORD
server_name: YourServerName
pincode_enabled: no


userid: S1_USERNAME
passwd: P1_PASSWORD

Anyhow, does the login-server or char-server show anything more precise than "Closed connection..."?

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