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Fresh prince

4 costumes


Is it possible to equip 4 costumes with all item sprites showing?

Eqi costume head
Eqi costume mid
Eqi costume low
Eqi costume garment (equipment)

If it is, please show an image if possible. Help me go through on making it work on my end also thanks!!!

This is what I'm talking about guys.


See below:





This is just photoshoped obviosly, but can i make all 4 item sprites show at the same time? Can i just use 8192 to any item or i have to through this guide to

get an robe costume? refer to link below please.



 I'm actually interested of the robe costume sprite.


Thank you in advance!

Possible to have 4 different costume equipments and equip all at the same time?

Would the costume robe show if i just pick a random headgear and change the location to "8192"? Mine did not :(

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Yes its possible since the items dont overlap positions.


About robe costumes things get a little...complicated. 

Its not just change to 8192, beside diff tables to add the item theres some extra steps that can be a bit painful.


the only way i know to make it work is add some hundred(ish) copies of the same sprite in data\sprite\·Îºê (robe) and rename it all to the respective job names.


Theres more in depth tutorials around if u make a search.

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