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Third-Party Services

Find third-party developers for custom development of your rAthena server

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Not available for hire

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Secret's Scripting Service

Available Services

  • Scripting
  • SRCMods
  • GeneralConfigs

Website: https://rathena.org/board/profile/36942-secrets/

About My Services

The service is no longer available.

Service Information :
I'm able to

  • Write NPC scripts according to your order/briefing
  • Modify rAthena source according to your order/briefing
  • Set up rAthena server on both Windows and Linux OS
  • Edit your 2016-2017 client so that it reads msgStringTable.txt out of the box on every langtype!

Pricing :
Paid scripts' price start from $10. The price depends on difficulty/complexity of the work.
Past Works and Contributions to rAthena :
GitHub -- Youtube
Terms of Service :

  • I assume you accept these conditions when you use my services.
  • I retain all rights to my works unless we mutually agreed otherwise.
  • No resale or distribution of my works allowed unless we mutually agreed otherwise.
  • No refunds.
  • If you want me to make modifications to your past order, it may cost more if mentioned modifications are significant or out of scope/briefing we agreed in the past.
  • I don't keep your server credentials after server setup work is done.
  • Your sensitive informations will be kept secret if there's any.
  • I will provide free support if future updates of rAthena/Hercules broke my scripts/source.
  • may not provide free support if you edit my scripts and break its logic or its significant part.

Pre-made scripts:

My pre-made scripts.

If you are interested in getting any of these, PM me or contact me via Discord.

Contact : 
Forum : PM me on rAthena
Discord : Secret#9696

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  • 5
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If there's something you would like to do, much better to ask for Secret's service!

Availability: 7/10
• IRL Priorities which is tolerable and should be first above all. (We all do have responsibilities so I can understand! Keep up!)
• leaving 3 for room for improvement

Price: 11/10
• Cheap yet guaranteed!

• Organized
• 100% Working!

• Same as availability. Always leave a message because reply will be received on due time.


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  • 4
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My review is based on my own experienced.

Availability: 8/10  (busy in real life which is understandable, I cant complain.) 

Price: 10/10 If you are looking for a excellent and affordable service you can message this guy.

Work: 10/10 Im not gonna explain more on this since he provided me the scripts and requests I want.

Support: 8/10 (The same as the availability since he's busy in real life.)

Cheers. /gawi

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  • 5

I bought a feature from him, although he will be busy sometime. By the way, his product seems quite adequate to use and I highly recommend to use his service. I hope he will release abundance of other features in future.

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  • 5

Enchanted by the lightspeed service. Can only recommend 11/10 and fair prices!

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