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Find third-party developers for custom development of your rAthena server

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Not available for hire

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Cydh's Source Modification Service

Available Services

  • Scripting
  • SRCMods
  • GeneralConfigs
  • FluxDev

Website: http://pservero.com

About My Services

Available Time

  • Monday-Friday: 19.00 ~ 24.00
  • Saturday-Sunday (off days) unscheduled
  • Timezone: UTC+7 - Asia/Jakarta - WIB
  • Except I have excuse(s)
  • I don't much talk, if I don't have time to work, mostly I don't reply any message


Full-time service, hire me weekly?

  •  60 USD/weekly 
  • Availability time: Monday-Friday: 19.00 ~ 24.00; Saturday and Sunday: 06.00 ~ 24.00
  • In total is worth 35 hours, max. 5 hours in weekday
  • This is not included "can you add your [my custom paid mod] to my server too?", you pay me as hourly here, so I can add to your server by "creating" not "adding", so the debug times are counted. But all paid mods can be off to 75%


Simple Source Modification
One of workload that I mentioned below are 10 USD (before tax)

  • Simple source modification that worth of 4 hours of work
  • Updating up to 2 skill formulas
  • Updating up to 2 status effect/SC
  • Adding a new skill (without client animation, just some file edits)
  • Adding a new status effect/SC (without client animation, just some file edits)
  • Adding/updating a item bonus

Server Updates
One of workload that I mentioned below are 18 USD (before tax) per 8 hours a day, for:

  • In case you need to update your server to recent/specief updates, the cost will be:
  • Adding new features to your old server (not very old, less than 6 months old between rAthena's lastest commit)

Modification Update
Now I have to charge every modification you paid if you have difficulty to implement it in your updated server

  • Lowest cost is 7 USD (before tax) or
  • 20% from total modification price.

Since I don't really like scripting, the cost will a bit higher 3 USD than source modification as Simple Source Modification, with condition

  • Simple source modification that worth of 4 hours of work.
  • I will ignore scripting request that need more than 4 players online at same time (my hardware can't handles the load).

Flux Mod

Related to custom AddOn or feature improvement, started from 10 USD (before tax)


Work Samples

  1. Must I tell you here? You can find some easter eggs on rAthena's sources
  2. Well here are work samples that are not posted as paid files in this forum,  source modification list & pricing  flux addons 



  1. Paypal
    • Non-US payment have fee 4.4% + 0.30 USD
    • So, payment via Paypal must be [you paid] = ([my_price] + 0.3) / 1 - 4.4%)
    • Email by request on deal
  2. Bank Transfer
    • Indonesian Bank: BRI / Bank Rakyat Indonesia
    • Accept oversea transfer by using Swift code BRINIDJA
    • Account Number & other details by request on deal
  3. Also receive transfer via OVO, Dana, and Go-Pay




  1. PM me here
  2. Discord: @Cydh#2400 (you must join rAthena's Discord or at elast in same discord server I joined)
  3. (DO NOT CONTACT ME HERE, but just info to avoid scam) FB: cydh.ramdh, LINE: cydh

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Availability: 9/10 (active on weekdays only.)

Support: 9/10 (same on the availability.)

Work: 10/10 (No complain about his work its good.)

This is based on what I experienced, Review updated ~

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Simply the best SRC mod service from rathena! Super recommend it!

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