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  • TempestRO

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    Base EXP Job EXP Quest EXP Base Drop Equips Drop Cards Drop MVP Equips Drop MVP Card Drop
    0x 0x 0x 10x 10x 0x 0x 0.00x
    Visit the website: https://tempestro.uk/

    Pure Pvp 99/70 Pre-Renewal Server (Newly Build)

    Free 2B Zeny
    No Mini Boss and MVP Boss Cards

    Instant Max Level when you choose your preffered Class

    Items & Cards Mall Shop

    1weight potions

    no overpower donate items

    online hourly reward system

    cash shop (buy using online hourly reward points [tro])

    dota annoucer pvp system

    pvp reward system

    and many more to come..

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