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    Base EXP Job EXP Quest EXP Base Drop Equips Drop Cards Drop MVP Equips Drop MVP Card Drop
    7x 7x 7x 1x 1x 5x 1x 1.00x
    Visit the website: https://solaceragnarok.com

    Before you read the whole description, please read the checklist. If you relate to at least 3 out of 5, then you should consider trying SolaceRO:

    [  ] You’re tired of overly hyped servers that start with high population and die in a few weeks.
    [  ] You’re tired of servers with an inflated economy where zeny is almost useless.
    [  ] You’re tired of playing on a server with unreasonable and greedy GMs.
    [  ] You’re tired of servers with incompetent and impractical developers.
    [  ] You’re tired of hopping from one server to another.

    Trailer: https://youtu.be/-GilmFVLelE

    SolaceRO is a close-to-official classic server with improved mechanics, better economy, no botters, and natural community dynamics (including regular player-to-player and guild-to-guild issues, haha). Our community has been around for a while and we’re now the largest in Southeast Asia with an average daily player count of 2,500. See our statistics...

    Our community is best for those who are looking for a stable server to play and stay. It’s so diverse, some are surprised to meet players from unexpected countries and backgrounds. Depending on your purpose for playing, you can be very competitive in WoE, MVP hunting, or just simply enjoy ‘chatnarok.’

    Our team never had any corruption issues or scandals in the past. You can rest assured that you’re playing on a clean server with no under-the-table deals or special privileges for ‘high-paying’ players. All players are treated equally regardless if they are a donor or not.

    Why SolaceRO?

    The progress in SolaceRO is very straightforward; reach high-level and do high-level stuff. You will not be overwhelmed with tons of storyline quests and custom content that you’ll need to study and understand.

    How’s the economy?

    SolaceRO’s economy is driven by the War of Emperium. Many guilds are buying supplies and materials for brewing and cooking. There are many ways to farm zeny on the server; most newbies start by selling bearfoot skins since killing Bigfoots doesn’t require high-end gear. The bearfoot skins are used to cook status food.

    How’s the balance between donors and non-donors?

    The top currency in the game is zeny. A lot of players need it and there’s no way to convert your cash points to zeny unless someone else buys it. Compared to those who rely on donations, the farmers in SolaceRO are richer in terms of zeny and items.

    What’s inside your cash shop?

    We have recently removed the manuals, tokens, kafra cards, etc. from the cash shop to maintain the balance between donors and non-donors. Please see the list below:

    > WoE White & Blue Potions - Can be purchased using playtime rewards
    > Bubble Gum - Can be purchased using playtime rewards
    > Reset Stone - Has a free alternative in the game
    > Premium Membership Ticket
    > Costume Conversion Ticket
    > Adrenaline Rush Scroll
    > Increase Agi Scroll
    > Blessing Scroll
    > Greed Scroll
    > Megaphone
    > Purification Stone
    > Guild Service Coin
    > Card Removal Ticket
    > Clothing Dye Coupon
    > Hairstyle Coupon
    > Giant Fly Wing
    > Gym Pass
    > Neuralizer
    > The rest are costumes

    What’s the main language?

    Some players may discriminate against Solace because we’re a Southeast Asian server; however, most of us speak English. You’ll see multilingual conversations when you’re in-game—English, Filipino, Bahasa Indonesia, Korean, Malay, Portuguese, Spanish, and more.

    How’s the competition in the game?

    The guilds of SolaceRO are very competitive in Wars of Emperium. They’re impressively organized and strategic. Unlike other servers where sieges look like royal rumbles, it’s different here. It’s stack versus stack, and ecall after another ecall. Always, the guild with the best strategy wins.

    Do you have guild packages?

    Yes, you can learn more by visiting the link below:

    We also offer a migration package for solo players.

    If you’re interested, please follow the link below:

    Is it possible to play without spending?

    Yes, of course! Check out our hardcore mode!

    P.S. The #main channels can seem chaotic at times and reactions could range from rage to amusement. But we have rules to banish those who are doxing or are excessively toxic.

    Conflicts are everywhere, and though SolaceRO isn’t a refuge from it, we foster fair competition and sincere friendships to balance things out. Player-to-player and guild-to-guild drama are but organic effects of an active and competitive community that at the end of the day, just fights to unite. Despite dramas, the silent majority of proactive and kind players consistently show our newbies and veterans how genuine generosity looks like.

    SolaceRO is not and will never be a perfect server, but we keep doing our best to deserve the loyalty of thousands who consider it their virtual home.

    Website: https://solaceragnarok.com
    Discord: https://solaceragnarok.com/discord
    Facebook Group: https://www.facebook.com/groups/solaceragnarok <-- not for the faint-hearted

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