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  • MontiRO

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    Base EXP Job EXP Quest EXP Base Drop Equips Drop Cards Drop MVP Equips Drop MVP Card Drop
    3x 3x 3x 3x 3x 3x 3x 3.00x

    A new low-rate renewal server creating an authentic Ragnarok experience. Vanilla game-play with a boost to exp!

    Rates are 3x/3x/3x Current Episode is 17.1.

    Come in and play! Get out on the frontiers of Midgard and play the way Ragnarok was meant to be played!

    -Armor & Weapon Refine Rate 3x!
    -No Exp Penalty (bonuses remain)
    -No Drop Penalty
    -Balanced Cash Shop
    -No Crazy Donor Gear
    -Zeny Shop (Cash Shop Items for Zeny!)
    -Eden Group
    -Airship Teleporter
    -No Wipes

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