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  • rAthena Board Rules

    While we try not to make the forums a federal prison, we have a few rules that we would like you to follow to make your experience in rAthena better. All members are expected to follow these rules or punishments ranging from a verbal warn, a warn bar increase, moderator preview (a moderator approves all your posts), posting suspension (can see the forums but not post) and a forum suspension (can't see the forums or post) will occur.

    General Posting guidelines

    • Posts may not contain spam. Spam is one word posts, posts with no meaning to the topic, or double/triple posts without reason. Posting in the wrong section is also not tolerated. Posts in Off Topic do not count. It's Off Topic.
    • Duplicate topics are not allowed. Post your topic once, in the correct section. If you accidentally post in the wrong section, use the Report button to report your own post.
    • Posts in the support sections may be bumped with MORE INFORMATION no less than 24 hours after the last post. Any other bumping is not allowed.
    • Revival of dead topics are prohibited unless one has something constructive to add to the topic. Otherwise, it's dead for a reason.
    • If a link is down, please PM the member that posted it, do not report in topic 'link is down', it is considered spam.
    • When starting a new topic, chose an informative topic title.

    Signatures and Avatars

    • Signatures may not exceed 650 px in width and 150 px in height TOTAL. This includes images and text.
    • Signatures may also not link to warez, get rich quick schemes, nudity or anything obscene.
    • Avatars may not be inappropriate in nature.
    • Signatures and Avatars maybe removed at the discretion of a moderator depending on the content.
    • Please be aware that all of the forum rules also applies to your signature, avatar, and user title.


    • English usage must be observed in any English section. If you have a problem with English, please find your international forum located at the bottom of the main page.
    • The exception is Graphical Enhancements, where non-English maybe used, as long as an accurate translation is provided.

    General Forum Etiquette

    • Please do not post in all caps, use an excessive amount of emoticons, or otherwise make your post annoying and difficult to read.
    • Harassment of any kind is not tolerated.
    • Trolling and Flaming other users is also not allowed.
    • Creating a new account if your current account is banned is not allowed. If you do, your new account is likely to be instantly banned with no warning.
    • Posts linking to pornography or nudity of any kind is not allowed.
    • Posts linking to warez or get rich quick schemes are not allowed.
    • Referral links that directly or indirectly gain you money are prohibited.
    • Backseat moderating is discouraged. Please use the Report button.
    • Advertising in any way (except in the Advertisement section and the Advertising sections of each international section) is prohibited.
    • Emulator discussion is allowed, provided the discussion is relating to development and is constructive in nature.
    • Solicitation for money via PM or open forum is not tolerated.
    • Please don't edit your first post to remove your question when your problem has been solved.
    • Please do not post a link to a resource that requires rAthena users to register in order to access.

    These rules are subject to change.

    • Breaking these rules will lead to possible warn/infraction. Three infractions will lead to a temporary ban and Five will lead to a permanent ban. Depending on the circumstance a permanent ban maybe given at any time.
    • You may appeal any action a Moderator has taken against you to any Manager via PM. You must give a valid reason and a link to what you are appealing. Do not PM the Moderator who took action against you, it is likely to get you in more trouble.

    These rules are enforced by rAthena Staff, please respect them and their decisions.

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