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  1. rAJollyRO[Full Coding] View File rAthena FluxCP With Coding Personal Website. Email:[email protected] Submitter Alvin Lee Submitted 03/05/15 Category Garbage Bin Content Author  
  2. Everything is the latest, nothing is outdated Hello,any link to download the latest file? because some item still apple.
  3. Hello! if i am using 20130807 client,any latest file to download ? Renewal
  4. This Is My Script. prontera,192,168,3 script Freebie 671,{ if(##sorry == 2) goto L_1; mes "Welcome to Test Ragnarok Online " + strcharinfo(0) + " !!"; next; mes "So You Is A New Player Here Right?"; next; mes "Enjoy playing at Test Ragnarok Online. We hope you can invite more player's to here."; // next; getitem 12210,5; announce "[server] We have wew player joining our server. His name is [ "+strcharinfo(0)+" ] take this item go leveling! Enjoy Your Self!",2; emotion e_thx; set ##sorry,2; close; L_1: mes "Hey! you Already Get Reward From Me."; mes "Sorry I cant give you anymore again more than 1 times or Administrator will kill me and removed me from GM Team."; next; mes "Please do not press me unless you are new player here!"; message strcharinfo(0), "QTYPE_EVENT2 ("+ QTYPE_EVENT2 +")"; showevent QTYPE_EVENT2, 3; // 0x05, ? event icon, purple mark end; } I need to add emotion on my script like keep on showing.how to add that?can someone help me?
  5. brother your Euphy's WOE Controller v1.5.txt is din have time at 23:00 ..if who need woe at 23:00..is cant setting it..
  6. Walking And Working <3

  7. Which introduced about Dedicated Server (DDOS Protection)??
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