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  1. Xhiro

    This or That?

    Orange (its softer then apples) Touhou Project or Seihou Project?
  2. 3721 is missing btw.... so ill correct it... 3734
  3. Xhiro

    Ctrl + V

    was linking this page to my friend
  4. How I would love to see RO to be fully 3d'ed
  5. Opps missed your reply as it got pushed down by the new topics. That sounds kind of interesting regarding the 7 elements although somehow I believe every guild will want the +10 Dex room for their wizards to instant cast I would really love to work on map editing but with the workload I have in my normal life, it's not possible any time soon. Sadly I can only hope that a mapper may help out for this. Hmm... I may consider paying to get this map done unless someone decides to help out for free.
  6. This is aliases for alternative @command names, but it doesn't define the new @commands. clydelion found what I wanted already. Thanks all~
  7. Ah... thanks clydelion. I was looking for that Kinda proves that I am blind
  8. I meant for it to be an admin (group id 99) only command. Since admins have all_commands : true, i didn't edit that. Still doesn't work though. Not sure what I'm missing exactly
  9. Either I'm absolutely lousy at searching or I'm just blind. How do I add new @commands in using the groups ID? Previously when using GM level, the steps was to edit the following :- adding your @command in src/map/atcommand.c adding a line similar to this in the same file { "font", 1,1, atcommand_font }, etc etc Step 2 doesn't exist now though... So what else am I supposed to edit? What I have edited are Edited the atcommand.c in trunk/src/map Didn't edit the groups.conf since it says the following commands: { /* not necessary due all_commands: true */ }
  10. Thanks. :] Here's an overview. It's a pretty small town. Nice! I couldn't see very well on the video but the overview looks nice. Are those mini tornadoes near the big pyramid entrance?
  11. Euphyyyy!!! You released a Card Trader system just when I was thinking about it Haven't tested it yet though, currently have no access to my server. Btw... how come your MVP ladder.txt became compressed into col 72? As in, the spacing between the functions are all compressed? Sorry if it has been asked before, don't really feel like reading 22 pages worth of replies to find it
  12. edit this // Maximum allowed 'level' value that can be sent in unit packets. // Use together with the aura_lv setting to tell when exactly to show the aura. // NOTE: You also need to adjust the client if you want this to work. // NOTE: Default is 99. Values above 127 will probably behave incorrectly. // NOTE: If you don't know what this does, don't change it!!! max_lv: 99 // Level required to display an aura. // NOTE: This assumes that sending max_lv to the client will display the aura. // NOTE: aura_lv must not be less than max_lv. // Example: If max_lv is 99 and aura_lv is 150, characters with level 99~149 // will be sent as being all level 98, and only characters with level // 150 or more will be reported as having level 99 and show an aura. aura_lv: 99 Change the aura_lv to any number above 99. Then make your GM character level up above level 99
  13. Isn't it the same as this? http://rathena.org/board/topic/73048-can-someone-confirm-this-hourly-points-system/
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