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  1. Thanks for your reply! I will try it when I reach home! Very appreciated
  2. Good Day rAthena, Im here to request a multi function healer npc as below function: - Option to choose. Heal = Free Heal + Buff = with cost Anyone can provide me this healer npc? Thanks!
  3. @hannicaldummy yes, I edited the item_db.txt only Where can I find the shoo script?
  4. @Start_Okay, any simple guide for me to convert current db txt to yaml? Because Im just a learner even though I joined rAthena in a very long time @hannicaldummy If I'm not mistaken, I didnt edit any shop script.
  5. Hi rAthena! Good Day. I'm facing a problem due to the item selling price to npc not same as I set. This items were chosen from my item_db.txt (example) 968,Voucher_Of_Orcish_Hero,Heroic Emblem,3,3000,,10,,,,,,,,,,,,,{},{},{} 969,Gold,Gold,3,200000,,0,,,,,,,,,,,,,{},{},{} but output in game was like this is this normal? Please move me to the correct section If I post it wrong at here.
  6. I checked my data.grf and rdata.grf as well. moc_para01.bmp not found or maybe it has another name? @Poring King
  7. I have check all the file many time as possible, but I couldn't found any problem on it because I have searched at rathena and followed the way to edit the skill describe table >>> skilldesctable.txt <<< Hmmm.... Yes, I did with the correct way. But nothing change in game.. any idea?
  8. Hi rAthena, good day! I'm facing a problem as below: GD_EXTENSION# Guild Extension Max Level: 10 Skill Form: ^6666CCPassive ^000000 Description: ^777777Increase the maximum capacity of guildsmen by +1 per SkillLV. ^000000 [Level 1]:^777777 +1 people ^000000 [Level 2]:^777777 +1 people ^000000 [Level 3]:^777777 +1 people ^000000 [Level 4]:^777777 +1 people ^000000 [Level 5]:^777777 +1 people ^000000 [Level 6]:^777777 +1 people ^000000 [Level 7]:^777777 +1 people ^000000 [Level 8]:^777777 +1 people ^000000 [Level 9]:^777777 +1 people ^000000 [Level 10]:^777777 +1 people ^000000 # I have edited the skill description and uploaded to the server grf. When I login to the game and check for the updates, the skill description doesn't make any change. Please let me know what steps I have missed out or the way I made it was wrong. Thank you very much for your time to look at this post. If you know how to solve this kind of problem please teach me to do so. P/S: Please move to the correct section if I post it wrongly here.
  9. @Poring King Hi, I have update the kRO & kRO RE but I still can't get the map moc_para01.bmp, any idea?
  10. Thanks for your reply @Royr this is great!! I like it ! Very appreciated!! Can I know is it possible to make it 30 Gold Coins = 200 Cash Points? I found out the script format was like 40 Gold Coins x 5 cash points = 200 cash point, am I right? Just wonder can it be like: delitem .itemID, [email protected] 30; #CASHPOINTS = #CASHPOINTS + ( [email protected] 200 ); Im trying to learn with the script, hope you don't mind what I am asking. xD And I also found out there was an error on the new balance shown in the npc. You can find out in the picture chatlog shown new balance was 1500 cash points. but the new balance in npc was shown out with 1300 cash points.
  11. prontera,150,150,4 script Converter 83,{ [email protected]$ ="[^FF0000Cash Point Converter^000000]"; mes [email protected]$; mes "Welcome, "+strcharinfo(0)+"!"; mes "You currently have ^ff0000"+#CASHPOINTS+"^000000 Cash Points"; next; mes [email protected]$; mes "How can I help you?"; menu "Exchange Gold Coin to Cash Point", L_GTC, "Cancel", L_Cancel; L_GTC: next; mes [email protected]$; mes "Gold Coin will ^ff0000NOT TO BE REFUND^000000 after converted to Cash Points."; mes "Please keep that in your mind"; next; mes [email protected]$; mes "How many Gold Coin do you want to exchange?"; mes "^ff0000Note^000000: 30 Gold Coin currently 200 Cash Point"; input [email protected]; if ([email protected] == 0) close; if (countitem(7517) < [email protected]*30) goto L_Noitem; delitem 7517,[email protected]*30; set #CASHPOINTS, #CASHPOINTS + ( [email protected]*200 ); close; L_Noitem: next; mes [email protected]$; mes "Sorry you dont have enough of Gold Coin"; close; L_Cancel: mes [email protected]$; mes "No problem, Come back again"; close; end; } Hi rAthena, this is the NPC script that I refer from some where else(I forgot the scripter name***) I try to make it like 30 Gold coins to 200 Cash points, but at the end it doesn't function well. No cash obtain, even I have 30 Gold Coins for the exchange. Anyone could guide me the way to solve this problem? Addon: How to show out the amount of cash points gained from and npc in the chat log? Thank you, and sorry for my bad english!
  12. Hi thanks for your reply Slammer, just to inform you about the script don't function well. Even I've already set the time for the Boost Rate start on time. No error occur in the script.
  13. Hi rAthena, happy day I would like to request a floating rate script or maybe can call as it Boost rate script. After searching all floating rate script at the rathena non of it meet my needs. I do also try to edit the script but yeah ! I failed ! So what I want in the script: 1. Boost rate auto start on Saturday & Sunday 9am and 9pm, auto off on 11am and 11pm (I know there is OnSat0900 and OnSun2100 but there is no OffSat1100 and OffSun2300, So what I have tried was just On but cant Off) 2. Fix Rate boost up to : -Base exp : 60x ( up to 75x ) -Job exp : 60x ( up to 75x ) -Normal drop : 20x ( up to 30x ) -Normal Card drop : 20x ( up to 30x ) -Boss Drop : 20x ( up to 30x ) -Boss Card Drop : 2.5x ( up to 3.5x ) -MVP Drop : 10x ( up to 20x ) -MVP Card Drop : 10x ( up to 3.5x ) 3. Announcement made 10min before Boost rate start/End and announcement when Boost rate start/end. 4. Shown out the Boost rate on the chat log something like this. ================= Current Rate: 75x 75x 30x ================= 4. Easy setup ( because Im new to this, just know some basic scripting ) Once again, thanks for your time to read my post. Very appreciated if someone could help me on this!
  14. Hi rathena! May I how what is the calculation for "bonus2 bAddMonsterDropItem,iid,n;", if I want the extra 15% of drop rate effect? Sorry for my bad english, hope you understand what I mean xD
  15. Where should I have change on it? Please guide me Hi rathena! I was adding @Akinari "@storeit" to my server. But I got error when I was recompile it. Anyone could help me on that?? I'm still learning on it. this is the commands I added to src/custom/atcommand.inc And this is where I added to src/custom/atcommand_def.inc After I recompile my server: Anyone could guide me on this? Im sorry if I posted on the wrong section , Please move me to the right one. Thanks!!!
  16. Good Day rAthena! May I request a npc called Card trader? I have search at the Browser but all not suit my needs. Function: -5 cards from normal mobs as (Input) and rewards 1 Old Card Album as (Output). Mini-boss/mvp cards are excluded Main reason I need this is to help player recycle those unused cards. Sorry about that I cant write myself a expert npc script, but still in learning! Can you make me the script, I can add on the card I need. Waiting for your reply! Thank you very much! Sorry for my bad english!
  17. is anyone got the "Sanctum" mini map? please share here because the mini was missing. Thanks!
  18. Hi rAthena! Can guide me the way to add on zeny require in Plagiarism Npc? Example: if you wanna copy a skill, you have to pay 15,000 zeny for the process to skill copy. If no zeny, please come back again with enough of Zeny. I'm new to this and still learning on it. I'm using this script that found on rathena : - prontera,208,227,4 script Plagiarism NPC 779,{ mes "select which skill you want to be copy, your existing one will be overwrite"; next; set [email protected], select(.menu$) -1; if ( getskilllv(.skill$[[email protected] * 3 +1]) ) { mes "you already copied that skill"; close; } mes "are you sure you want to copy "+ .skill$[[email protected] * 3] +"?"; mes "you'll need to pay ^ff000015,000 Zeny^000000 and relogin again"; next; if ( select ( "Yes", "No" ) == 2 ) close; [email protected]$ = atoi( .skill$[[email protected] * 3 +2] ) > 1 ? "-" + .skill$[[email protected] * 3 +2] : "" ; mes "choose a level (1" + [email protected]$ + ")"; if ( input( [email protected], 1, ( atoi( .skill$[[email protected] * 3 +2] ) > 1 ? atoi( .skill$[[email protected] * 3 +2] ) : 1 )) != 0 ) { mes "wrong level"; close; } set CLONE_SKILL, atoi( .skill$[[email protected] * 3 +1] ); set CLONE_SKILL_LV, [email protected]; atcommand "@kick "+ strcharinfo(0); end; OnInit: setarray .skill$, "Fire Bolt", 19, 10, "Cold Bolt", 14, 10, "Lightning Bolt", 20, 10, "Jupitel Thunder", 84, 10, "Lord Of Vermillion", 85, 10, "Storm Gust", 89, 10, "Meteor Storm", 83, 10, "Spear of Ice", 537, 10, "Raging Fire Dragon", 536, 5, "Triple Attack", 263 ,10; set [email protected], getarraysize(.skill$); for ( set [email protected],0; [email protected] < [email protected]; set [email protected], [email protected] +3 ) set .menu$, .menu$ + .skill$[[email protected]] +":"; end; } Waiting for your reply.
  19. Any idea about "Access denied" with selecting the game directory?
  20. As the topic shown, I want to find out the Emotion icon list in game... Someone please guide me the way?? because my Emotion icon list give out the wrong commands P/S: If I post on wrong section , please move me. Im sorry for the inconvenience caused...
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