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  1. @Functor can I tag him here? I tried to contact him thru skype but the link does nothing in my skype app.
  2. I forgot to add my task processes. Here: https://pastebin.com/zA45C1dF
  3. Hello. I'm currently experiencing this error every 5-10 minutes in-game. I don't have any Razer mouse/keyboard/headphones or any razer peripherals. Is it possible to have say what exact "*".exe should I stop running in-order for me to play? This only happens in servers with Gepard 3.0 that disables mouse-macro tools. Here are my processes: https://pastebin.com/zA45C1dF (CSV) format I have a Logitech mouse (G502) and HyperX Keyboard (Alloy Origins Core). SOLUTION: Close process "asusns.exe", although newer versions of Gepard Shield's dll has a fix against it. -Functor EDIT: Added task processes EDIT: Added fix thanks to @Functor
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