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  1. ung random item lalabas sa egg tapos by % ang chance of winning ng epic / rare / normal costumes .. bka naman mga lods
  2. does anyone have this kind of script? example random box if you open it you can have a chance to get random costume with random percentage of chance of getting epic costumes / rare costume and normal costumes?
  3. can anyone put error message on this script? if your character dont have enough zeny.. message will show the you dont have enough zeny to use warp then close. sorry im just a newbie in scriptin Thank you inadvance
  4. help or is there any way to disable achievement system? Thanks bro!
  5. does anyone have the same issue? achievement quest is not working please help im using pre-renewal
  6. kahit naka set na po sya sa yes sa char_athena.conf still nothing shows po before choosing character i did restart server na din po after i change char_athena.conf bka may naka experience ng ganun problem pa help po please
  7. who has achievement_db.yml ready for classic server 99/50? can i have one please? Thanks in advance!
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